Delivery & Setup of Your New Building

crushed stone shed in place
Crushed stone ready for shed delivery. Shed being placed from a tilt trailer.

Suggested Site Preparations

To Prolong the life of your building, we recommend one of the following site preparations:

Example 1
Example 1

  1. A bed of 2RC crushed stones 4" - 5" deep extending 1' beyond the building on all four sides
    • Dig sod out 3" - 4" and fill in with the stones.
    • 4" x 4" landscape timbers can be laid around the stone bed (Example 1).
    • Remember to allow for ramp to entrance doors.
    • Landscaping can be done outside the framework if so desired.
  2. Set the building on treated timbers.
  3. Set the building on existing concrete pad or gravel
  4. We DO NOT recommend setting the building on bare ground or concrete blocks.

*Power lines, trees, tree limbs, roof overhangs, fences, terraces and more all may be a hazard to placing your shed. Please take them into consideration when planning placement of shed.

Sheds 6' to 16' will be delivered on a roll back truck
and require approximately 30' to pull out from under building.
Site Prep Drawing

Sheds 18' to 40' will be delivered on a trailer
and require approximately 60' to pull out from under building.
Site Prep Drawing with Tilt Trailer


Your site needs to be accessible by our truck. The shed will be placed on the truck according to our specs above and the truck will back up to your site. If we cannot get to your site, you as the customer are ultimately responsible to position your shed, or to pay for extra charges if the driver needs to hand-roll the shed, use extra equipment, or turn the shed.